Getting Started

1:  Create an account at this website with a completed signup form.  All information fields are required.  Upon approval, your Customer # will be emailed to you.

2:  Download the APP on mobile/desktop or both.  Create an account with your desired email address/username on the APP and wait to "import account" after receiving your 25-word mnemonic phrase from

3:  Buy PYRA tokens and include your customer number in the notes section at checkout or request an invoice for payment from - this will trigger your seed-phrase email creation, ALGO deposit, and PYRA deposit into your account on the blockchain.

4:  When you receive your seed phrase from PYRAbarter select, "import phrase" in the app and enter the 25-word mnemonic phrase provided by PYRAbarter.  Keep your seed phrase stored securely and do not share it with anyone, ever. 

5:  Trade in the PYRA barter network anywhere you see "PYRA accepted here," or Pyramidion Cryptocurrency's (MSB) logo, or the logo.

SK-OAN-US-24012019-7153021842-Pyramidion Cryptocur-final-02.png

How can my business simply join the network?

1:  See the "Getting Started" section.  Request account creation from  Do not purchase any PYRA, we will still supply your PYRAbarter wallet and mnemonic phrase in order to accept PYRA, but we do not send any ALGO (gas).  You will not be able to send/transact the PYRA tokens until your wallet has at least .001 ALGO.  You may print the PYRA logo for your business use, but do not sell the image as it is intellectual property.  Make a display with the words "PYRA accepted here" and/or the image if you like.  Use your own color schemes, be original.